about Carl

Though he was not born here, Carl would be quick to tell you that Waconia has always felt like home. That is because Waconia is so similar to his hometown of Mitchell, South Dakota (even to the point that Lake Mitchell has its own island).


Given its proximity to the metro and its numerous other assets, Waconia’s continued growth is inevitable. Our challenge moving forward will be to manage that growth in a responsible way if we hope to hang on to Waconia’s “small town” charm.

At present, the burden of property taxes falls disproportionately on residential housing. It is for that reason I would advocate for more business friendly policies. Increased growth in the commercial/industrial sector would allow more of our residents to work in Waconia rather than commute. It would negate the need to drive into the metro for some of your shopping. Further, every new business means the local property tax burden is reduced for our residents. 


 I don’t like to spend money, whether the money is mine or someone else’s. That is why you can count on me to be a vigilant steward of your tax dollars. I will always ask the tough questions in an effort to discern whether a proposed expenditure is merely a “want” or a genuine need. Any and all looming votes that involve spending a substantial amount of YOUR money will be communicated to you in advance, allowing you the opportunity to offer your ideas on whether the city council should proceed with the expenditure.  

  Historically it has been up to citizens to search for city council minutes or contact council members. If elected, I will flip that system on its head. I will deliver information directly to all residents that are interested and I will actively ask residents for their ideas, opinions, and input.  I will communicate through consistent updates to those that have asked to be on an email list, by posting short, informative videos on social media, and by engaging citizens in meaningful conversation. This will all be done to ensure the vote I cast on the city council is truly representative of what Waconia’s residents want. 

     As a teacher and as a coach, I have an established track record of responding to student and parent emails or phone calls in rapid fashion. Each inquiry from a resident would be treated with as much urgency. As your city council member you can be sure that no question, suggestion, or idea will be ignored.

Neighborhood Ambassador Program

 The best way I can be sure the vote I cast on the council is YOURS is by hearing directly from you and your neighbors. That is why I am looking for a few residents from each neighborhood to act as “neighborhood ambassadors”.